Friday, 4 September 2015

Youth Dental Care

Kids Dentistry Suncook NHUnderstanding Your Children's Dental Care

Children have different needs from adults in maintaining their dental health, as their teeth are more susceptible to decay. Our dentists want their young patients to maintain their natural teeth for a lifetime. We make parents and children aware of the factors that contribute to decay, and advise them how to minimize the risks of developing cavities.

Children need to develop good brushing and flossing techniques used on a daily basis. We recommend that parents oversee children's daily dental hygiene until they have developed good daily cleaning habits and are old enough to maintain them.

Every time food is chewed, acid is produced in the mouth. As kids tend to eat throughout the day, acid will build up on the surface of teeth. If teeth are not clean to begin with, additional exposure to acid will develop more cavities and increase the rate that they develop. With better nutritional dietary choices and improved daily dental hygiene, the risk of cavities developing can be reduced. One application of a dental sealant is also a very effective preventive treatment.

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